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  • What is Monitree ?
    Monitree enables you to earn by creating content, which you can customize with products you recommend on Social media. We also give you a special URLs which tracks your content with your followers. When a follower clicks on your link and shop on e-Commerce, you earn money based on the agreed commission. You can now send your followers to shop your favorite products in one place with their trusted e-commerce partner.
  • Do you provide samples of products I might want to promote?
    We do not provide samples for review to our Creators. Some Brands may have special campaigns where they may provide the product samples. We will mention this detail on the specific campaigns.
  • How do I qualify to be a Monitree Creator?
    We look for Creators who are a value-add for our Brand partners – if you’re a passionate reviewer, stylist, content creator or curator who would like to recommend products to your followers you may be the right fit. We look at number of followers/likes (in most cases, at least 5000). It must also be publicly available (for example, no closed or hidden pages) and you may not apply with a social media page where either your posts or the number of followers/subscribers are hidden.
  • How do I earn ?
    You earn every time your followers either Click on your unique Link or make a purchase for the product that you promoted through your content. The amount earned is mentioned on each product details page.
  • Which products quality for a commission and how are the commissions calculated ?
    You earn income when your followers follow your unique links to our eCommerce Partners website, make a purchase, and the item is dispatched. These links can be to individual products or pages of specific deals. Please note that commission income are calculated on the sale price, not the list price, of each qualifying item. We deduct any voucher codes, promo coupons used by the follower to purchase the item from the sale price.
  • Where can I see my earnings ?
    You can see your earnings under 'My Wallet' screen of your Account.
  • How long do my followers have, to purchase the product which qualifies me to earn commission income on their purchase?
    Purchase transactions are tracked based on last-click attribution via your unique link. This means that your followers must purchase within a 7-day window from clicking on your unique Link. During the 7-day window, if your follower purchased through another Creator's unique link. Then you wont qualify to earn a commission from this purchase.
  • How do I transfer my earnings to my Bank account ?
    We pay you earning income on a monthly basis via Bank Transfer. You will have to tell us the Bank Name, your account number, your bank's code, and the name of Account holder as it appears in the bank's records.
  • Is there any Bank transfer fees ?
    Please note that we will deduct a bank processing fee from all payments we send you. This fee is subject to the bank and type of transfer. We will share this details with each payment receipt.
  • Is there a minimum amount I must select to transfer to my bank account
    Yes. The minimum threshold is Rp200,000. If we owe you less than Rp200,000 then your earnings will be rolled into the next month’s total.
  • When will I get paid?
    Payments are made monthly(end of every month) if your balance meets the minimum threshold. We must share your tax information on your account before we can make any payments.
  • Do you deduct taxes from my earning ?
    Yes, Monitree follows and abides by the tax obligations set by the Indonesian government and is required to withhold income tax on a monthly basis from the compensation paid to the Creators.
  • Do I need to add my Tax information ?
    Monitree requires all Creators to provide valid taxpayer identification information(NPWP). The tax details must be completed and validated before you can receive payment of earnings as a Creator.
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