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Creator Collections Page

Make the most out of your Content and monetize your social media 

Make it yours
A Personalized Product collections page on Monitree

The Collections Page provides a one-stop shop for your followers to browse all your content and product recommendations, get inspired and shop on Monitree.

Drive traffic to your Storefront to start earning commissions when shoppers purchase products from your recommendations.

Start by building your Collections Page

Follow these easy steps to setup your Collections Page

Step-1: Open Monitree Mobile Application and go to “Home” screen 

Sign into the Monitree Mobile App with your Phone Number and OTP. Tap the 'Home' icon on the bottom navigation. Tap 'Edit' and then add your details on the Collections Page.

Step-2: Update your Profile Picture 

Tap the camera icon in the small box and choose a photo from your Photo Library or take a new photo.

Step-3: Add your profile Username 

This will help customers identify who you are. It could be your name or social handle.

Pro-Tip: User alpha-numeric Username. Do not include the name of any social media network or trademark in your Storefront name.

Step-4: Add your Social Links 

You can add your Instagram, Tiktok and Youtube profile links for the Audience to find you on these Social Platforms.

Pro-Tip: You can also add links to a specific Post or Video from your Social media accounts

Step-4: Add Products to your Collections Page 

Click on the 'Add Product' button and select your favorite Products and Brands to your collections Page. You can also add Products to your 'Top Collections' to make it easier for your followers to find these products.

Share your Collections

Share the link to your Collections with followers on social to begin earning commissions on eligible purchases.


Engage audiences

1. Link your Content directly to the products in your collections page. Share in your Instagram Stories, Link-in-Bio, articles, YouTube video descriptions, and more

2. Post your Collections page link in your Link-in-bio. 

Give your followers easy access to all of your product picks by adding a link to your Collections directly in your Link-in-bio. 

3. Curate your favorite products by category to help your audience discover items.

Recommend products to your audience by grouping them by product category. Example: Beauty, Fashion etc

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