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Influencers, lets get started with Monitree

Turn your passion into a Salary

First of all, congrats! We’re excited for you to join our community of top creators. We’re even more excited for you to create content you’re passionate about and get paid for it. Here’s how to get started.


Set up your account in Monitree

Log into Monitree, this is where you'll find resources, reporting, payments, account info, and update your contact info. Add your social media accounts, Bank and tax information, this is how you'll be paid and how you'll receive the latest updates from Monitree.

Pro Tip

You must add your Bank/Tax details in order to be paid.


Find products, Brands, and deals to share

Not sure where to start? Check-out our Monitree App to find product categories to help you discover and share the top trending products and brands from the past month.


Start sharing with your followers.


Use your social media accounts to tell your followers about your favorite Monitree finds. To make commission from your links, you must share links from your Monitree Account by using our Get Link tool.

Pro Tip

When driving traffic to your content always use the link directly from your Monitree profile, This automatically starts tracking your commissions.


Get familiar with reporting tools and your Wallet.

Track your earnings and see key performance indicators like product clicks, ordered items, and Earning on Home page.

You can also see your performance for each Brand and Product that you promote in My Campaigns sections

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