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Our Features

We give you the tools you need to pick your favorite products and Brands, easily recommend them to your followers, and earn on qualifying engagements. You can also inspire customers to shop thousands of products by curating your personalized page on Monitree.

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e-Commerce integration

We have integrations with largest e-Commerce partners in the region. Your followers can engage with the content you create and make a purchase directly at the e-Commerce site. 

Smart Earnings

Our proprietary content tracking helps you earn every time your followers engage with your content. This engagement can be Like, Clicks and even Purchase the product you promote. 

Monitree Instant Payments help you transfer your earnings into your bank account

Easy to Use

Easy and intuitive platform designed to give great experience for Creators. Pick personal favorite product into your existing and upcoming social media content, and organize into your Monitree storefront

Content Pro Tips

Create content that inspires your followers to shop
by learning from other professional Creators and influencers. Follow the content guides and maximize your earnings.

Efficient Insights 

You can easily see your earnings displayed as well as a daily earnings listed on the Reports page.

Key metrics like clicks, products, and earnings are surfaced to provide you insights at a quick glance.

Deal Notifications

We send you notifications for relevant and interesting Brand deals with high earning potential. 

You can chose to accept or decline deals based on your interests

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