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Recommend products, earn more !

Earn commissions when your audience makes qualifying purchases from your Monilinks

Earn commission with Monilink


1. Link directly to the products in your content.

Share in your Instagram Stories, blog posts, articles, YouTube video descriptions, and more.

2. Post your Monilink in your bio.

Give your followers easy access to all of your Monitree picks by adding a link directly in your bio. You can also add Monilink in whichever “link in bio” tool you use, such as Linktree. Plus, make it stand out by moving your Monilink to the top of the tool and making it a different color.

3. Curate your favorite products by category to help your audience discover items.

Recommend products to your audience by grouping them by product category, Top-selling, price, seasonality, or niche interest.

Influencers, create Collections Lists or Shoppable Photos and then share on social media.

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